To inspire every man, woman and child to live the life of their dreams and give back in the process.

Personal training

“My mission as a trainer is to help clients understand their bodies and how to move them, to such a degree that they no longer need me”

WHy Choose sammy?

Samantha has spent over 15 years in the fitness industry.

She is a boxer, yoga teacher, pilates instructor calisthenics athlete and Australian Ninja warrior.

She has often been referred to as a fitness expert and has been featured in many prominent magazines, tv specials and podcasts on her expertise!

She offers online training in the form of either specific video tutorials or private programming.

There are no ‘cookie cutter’ programs. Everything is tailored, individual and specific to client.

To have Sammy create you a personal yoga tutorial, or to enquire about her online training sessions, contact her on to book in for your complimentary 10 min consultation and find the best solution for you.


We receive a lot of personal coaching requests with Samantha Clarke!
So she now offers her unique ‘Heart to Heart’ mentoring to online clients.


These are personal mentoring sessions predominately using mindfulness techniques and purposeful and ‘heartfelt’ questions to bring your heart back to awakening whilst being held in a safe space.

If you are experiencing a disconnect, numbness, lack of enthusiasm for life or just a little lost in your direction in life. Heart to Heart mentoring is for you.

In a society which is ran by intellect, there can be a complete disassociation from the heart and the wisdom it can offer in both personal situations and your life’s mission.

We are told that the heart is weak and not to be heeded. When in truth it is the brain which was designed to be an assistant to the heart when it comes to important life decisions, not the other way around. Heart to heart mentoring will assist in bringing back awareness and balance so both the Head AND the heart can be heard.


 Here are just a few testimonials for Sammy, from people who have either worked with her directly or been inspired by her work. 

This is “Why We Pie”

After Sammy’s session I immediately noticed her honesty, which at first was a little bit hard to digest as I couldn’t quite comprehend or process those feelings immediately, now I see it was because some things hit home harder than I thought they could.
I learnt that a lot of things that I thought I was doing were for the benefit of others where really quite selfish and I was doing it for myself. A prime example was ending short term relationships/ hook ups with long winded messages trying to explain why I didn’t work, fooling myself thinking I was being nice and for the other party involved, when really it was  to relieve my own guilt and make myself feel I had done the right thing. I think that there are a lot people that are guilty of doing this! Sammy’s ability to help me see this, has been immense in my growth as a man!
I was also shown that I was unable to listen 100% to others, I would always need to give my response or my opinion, often without ever letting the other person finish, she showed me how this was preventing me from truly allowing people to feel close to me!
After one week  after my time with Sammy, my friends said they’ve noticed a big change in me and I truly, truly put this down to sammy’s patience, understanding, support and abillty to not only read me, but tell me what I need to hear to grow into the man I want to be.
I whole heartedly recommend Sammy for heart to heart mentoring. She is unique and worth your time and money!

Jan IL

“I’m still in awe of our session so thank you! It’s a bit odd to write a review on something as moving as this Heart to Heart Mentoring experience with Samantha. For those who follow her, I’m sure they already see quite the light that she carries. For those who don’t, you’re missing out on what I think a lot of people in this world are missing out on…utter vulnerability with the openness and space to observe people and the world with nothing but love and kindness. This 1:1 experience with Samantha was something I had not been able to experience in other sought after therapeutic/self-development experiences. Engaging with her is an inspiring experience in itself but she is also able to connect in such a way where you forget that she has almost a million followers. She provides the feelings of talking with your best friend while also being the mirror to your deepest wounds and darkest corners. She brought things to light I didn’t even realize I was keeping in the dark. She gave me completely honest feedback of not only my words but my body language which caught me off-guard. I have paid multiple therapists who have not hit on such a nerve but it was exactly the place I needed to tend to. I now have an exercise which is helping me work through the feeling of loneliness and I am seeing instant results. I could write so much more on this and I only spent an hour speaking with her. There’s a reason she’s been called to do the work she is doing. I hope that people who even have the slightest of curiosity give her one chance to help you illuminate your own “yellow brick road” to your own, full-on, self discoveries.”​​

Lynsey Geier​

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