To inspire every man, woman and child to live the life of their dreams and give back in the process.


Sammy was great to work with on our recent collaboration - her drive and passion is just awesome. She consistently posted everyday throughout the 2 week challenge and she even offered a free 1 on 1 to anyone who purchased for added incentive. All her photos were stunning and professional and made for some great content for us to continue to use well after the promotion was completed. She has such a positive vibe and influence on her community and we would highly recommend Samantha for any promotional work.



More Upcoming PROJECTS


Out of all the things in the world to do… gliding down a snow filled mountain via a small piece of plastic is probably one you’d want to try before you die… and so we shall!


In this adventure Sammy will take herself on an 6 week journey from absolute Novice to ski-champion (or perhaps somewhere in between)


We want to remind everyone that no matter who you are, or how old you’s never too late to start something new






The challenge is simple:

Find ten strangers a day for ten days

Give them each a sincere compliment!

Document the results!

This one was born out of necessity! In a world that is craving connection, yet shying away from eye contact on the street, we must take matters into our own hands and create the connection the world is looking for!

A compliment a day will go a long way!

Sammy will not only use herself as a connection-seeking-guinea pig, but also record in detail her experience, revelations and lessons from this challenge so you may be inspired to do it yourself one day!

It’ll never be too late to make your own #thecomplimentproject 


The heart and home of yoga. Sammy will be devoting her days to the ancient practise and committing to a month of spiritual BHAKTI. This is to remind us all, that the depth of joy and wisdom are not found in outward distractions, but inward stillness.

This project is proudly sponsored by: @nonasties
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NONASTIES are an organic, fair-trade and vegan clothing company with impeccable ethics and amazing behind the scenes non profit causes, including

They are incredibly passionate about eradicating poverty for women farmers and we are incredibly passionate about supporting them!

For EVERY purchase made at NO NASTIES, they plant a tree!

Buy one, get one tree!

In a world where we hashtag ‘love yourself’, but shun at the idea of openly expressing your true love for yourself, Sammy will embark on 7 days of exploration into the things she truly and openly loves about herself and be vulnerable enough to share this with the world.
This project is designed to show that LOVE and EGO are not the same thing, this project will strongly encourage others to join her in this 7day exploration and hopefully start an online revolution of self love, self expression and self acceptance!

This project is proudly sponsored by

Sammy will be spending 2 weeks at a NGO ( Hope Agency – ) to educate herself and her audience about the terrible repercussions of the mass murder of POL POT  that ended in 1979.

The goal of this project is to see first hand what it can mean for us to contribute and the difference it makes to a life.

Over this time she will:

  • Teach English at a local orphanage
  • Help rebuild a villageVisit the killing fields and interview a local about the atrocity
  • Live with a local for half a week to see what it’s like to truly live like a Cambodian who is without life’s luxuries most westerners take for granted.

This trip is sure to be life changing for her and her audience.

This trip is proudly sponsored by:
“Helping exceptional people live significant lives”

After a month of travelling with no gym access, Sammy will head straight from New Zealand to Titan fitness in the jungles of Thailand to test what the human body is capable of achieving in just 4 weeks.

Testing her before and after:

  • *Body fat percentage
  • *Weight
  • 1 rep max Squat
  • Rep max Deadlift
  • Max Pull Ups
  • Isometric plank hold time
  • Best Time for big buddha run! (4.2k up hill)

This is designed to show us all that with dedication, motivation and the right environment- all is possible and lives can be changed.



Sammy has been accepted into ACTION STAR reality TV show! She has 8 days living with some of the finest martial artists and actors in Australia! The winner will be flown to LA and do Stunt training and secure a hollywood movie contract! Filming will commence in February, and if crowned the Winner… May will be L.A!​


This is a 14 day community challenge! It will see Sammy and her audience commit to 30m yoga a day, 20m running/walking a day and 10m of meditation a day.  This life experiment has come off the back of her 1 month Muay Thai camp. It is designed to show us all that simple life and exercises choices will always effect us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This is her personal exploration whilst having a deep focus on encouraging her audience to journey deeper into their own


Sammy faces her fears and has 8 weeks to write, produce and perform and original song, whilst simultaneously learning a new dance style POLE DANCING and performes them both infront of live audiences. This is bringing awareness to the importance of self expression, facing your fears and learning the importance of keeping creativity in your life.