To inspire every man, woman and child to live the life of their dreams and give back in the process.

“We are incredibly proud to be aligned with NO NASTIES! They are a 100% fair-trade, organic and vegan clothing company with impeccable ethics and amazing behind the scenes non profit causes, including are incredibly passionate about eradicating poverty for women farmers and we are incredibly passionate about supporting them do this! If you would like to support them and receive an automatic 10 percent discount, click here ! or type in SAMMYPIE at checkout.

But that’s not all….Buy one, get one tree! YES For every purchase sold at no nasties, they commit to planting one tree on the earth! How can you NOT support this!?

Superlove tees is a unique brand, filled with love and an ability turn clothes into consciousness shifts! Each item is purposefully designed to inspire unity, breed love and remind us all of the beauty in ourselves and in life!


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Descended From Odin each year donate 10% of their profits to charities.

The beauty about this company is that they change the charities each time, so many charities get a piece of the pie!

They predominantly focus on charities which bring awareness to environmental issues and mental health issues and are a big support of Slice of the Pie

Use SAMMYPIE code at checkout for 10 %off


Green Tidings are vegan, cruelty free, family owned and woman owned company with the purest of ingredients and the purest of intentions! We are proudly able to offer a discount of 10% when you use the code SAMMYPIE at the checkout!

GREEN TIDINGS  @greentidings

a self funded company

Slice of the Pie is a self funded company which is designed to have an impact on humanitarian causes all over the world. With generous donations from one project we have already helped rebuild a village in Cambodia! We rely on amazing brand sponsors to align with us for financial aid. (If you are an amazing brand please see BRAND PARTNERS PAGE), but occasionally we get amazing personal ambassadors who want to selflessly support the company in it’s endeavours to “Inspire every man woman and child to live the life of their dreams and give back in the process”
If you are one of those selfless persons who have reached out to us.
Firstly, we thank you.
Secondly – you can donate here.

Know that your funds will help one little company have a big impact, in a meaningful way.