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Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket

Well if this wasn’t the most magic thing I’ll experience all trip!
@elephantjunglesanctuary .
This was quite a confronting day for me.
I spent a day trekking with this elephant and had the most magical time. 
It really felt like these elephants loved their home and had a human family! 
I was so glad it ended up being what I hoped It would be.
SANCTUARY= “A safe haven or place of refuge” .
At the end of the afternoon i saw some disciplinery pracitises which lead me to be a little concerned with how much of it was for the sanctity of the elephants and how much of it was for the entertainment of humans. 🤔
This sent me on a philisophicaI spiral in my head. I had so many questions around the animals welfare, the motives for the park and just generally how ethical it could ever be to confine animals for humans to enjoy. 
This lead to a discussion with the staff and I came out realising this answer could never possibly be black and white. 🌓
So before I post my review, I want to open up a conversation around humans and animals and what ‘right’ practises are. I don’t have the answer, I will never claim to have the answer, but I do want to start a conversation so you can find your answer.#choosewisely. .
I’ve made a YouTube video around my insights, questions and thoughts for anyone who wants to delve a little deeper into this idea, links in bio. .
I am happy these majestic creatures are living this life compared to their previous life. 
It’s clear the owners love them and the park is doing it’s best to create as much of a sanctuary as it can. 
But the fact is, The business needs money from tourists to keep the place alive and to feed the animals. 
Tourists need to be ‘entertained’ in order to pay that money, so the animals need to be restrained and disciplined in order for that to be possible. .
I’m sure there are arguments for and against this,but short of setting them free in the wild as tamed animals, or shipping them to another area in the world with more space, this seems to be, currently, the best they can possibly do. So I’m leaning towards just being grateful this park is stepping towards a more ethical future in tourism.

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