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ACTIVITY REVIEW: Elephantjunglesanctuary

ACTIVITY REVIEW: Elephantjunglesanctuary

@elephantjunglesanctuary 🐘 .
Sanctuary – “place of safety or refuge.” This park has found a way to give ‘working’ elephants a better life. No riding, no strenuous work, just a place where they can live out the rest of their life without the cruelty that has been previously inflicted on them. .
✅Intimate alone time with animals when trekking:
✅Mud bath with the elephants which is a pretty incredible experience ( I chose not to due a moral dilemma (more on my YouTube video);
❌Many tourists for the arvo and morning session means it’s hard to feel the sanctity of the place as it’s crowded.
✅When we trekked it was only two of us, two guides and one elephant:
✅Animals seemed genuinely happy
✅Trainers seemed to love the animals
❌Not very much space for the animals…. but Phuket is a small island and I think they’ve done all they can given the area.
❌They were an hour late to pick up…. but in Thailand times I think that’s actually pretty good 😂😂
✅I chose the all day trekk which I would HIGHLY recommend over the morning or the arvo only, as both the morning and arvo sessions can get packed and we were the only two for the full day package, so got some pretty rare and intimate times with the animals;
✅The trekk was only 3k around the park so easy for kids and the not-so-fit to enjoy. .
❌ Elephants need to be chained at night so they don’t cause havoc at night when trainers sleep, they also do get disciplined and are trained to respond and do a couple tricks like raise their nose or lie in the bath, so I would say this isn’t purely a sanctuary. More a park that’s doing its best to start moving towards more ethical practises for animals.
VALUE 💰 5500baht (200aud) per person for the full day track. I would recommend this over the half days for sure. ———————————-
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